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Leadership Turned Into Success

"Laurea University of Applied Sciences wants to improve its impact both nationally and internationally. This goal requires the best possible leadership and goal-oriented interaction throughout the university community. We use Deep Lead® as a tool for joint learning and development during this process."

-  Jouni Koski (Ph.D.) - President and CEO - Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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"You cannot change personality but behavior can be changed"

Ari Peltola, Country Leader, Oracle Finland

Oracle Finland’s Country Leader, Ari Peltola leads the organization with Ostrobothnian frankness and with lessons drawn from Deep Leadership®. The five-year investment in the entire personnel’s development has borne fruit: According to studies Oracle’s work and customer satisfaction are top class.

Ari Peltola leads the organization with Deep Leadership® philosophy. Ari Peltola has been in the house 14 years and was previously responsible for the organization’s major customers.

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”Change began with myself”

Jari Rosendal, President, Outotec

“Transformations underway at Outotec motivated Non-ferrous Solution- area director to improve himself with the help of Deep Leadership®. Deep Leadership® coaching, which began as personal sparring, soon extended to the business area management team he lead. Now it’s the professionals, managers, project leaders and directors turn.”

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"RATEKO has been using the proven Deep Lead® coaching content in its various leadership courses and training sessions for more than a decade. The feedback has been outstanding and the participants have received concrete benefits in terms of their personal development and work. We will continue to cooperate in the future with the aim of building a better management culture in the construction industry."

-  Heidi Husari - Headmaster Training - Centre for Construction Industries - RATEKO

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"Trust even goes before money"

Minna Lähteenmäki, HR Manager, Peikko Group

Interaction is often a challenge in a growing organization. Deep Leadership® was chosen as a management model for rapidly growing Peikko Group. Minna Lähteenmäki, who joined the organization in 2006, serves as HR manager and internal coach.

“In order to move forward with coaching lessons and development plans at least one internal coach must be within the organization. Preferably more,” says Minna from experience, from whom many also seek help and support in implementing lessons.

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"Setting an example at the front line"

Marko Mattila, President CEO, Ponsse North America

Ponsse is one of the world’s largest forestry machine suppliers. The affiliate Ponsse North America was also strongly affected by the global financial crisis; therefore the mutual interaction of the affiliate’s key employees was developed via Deep Leadership training. The results surprised everyone! 

Inspired by the great experiences of CEO Marko Mattila, Deep Leadership® training was begun at Ponsse North America. 

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