"Trust even goes before money"

Minna Lähteenmäki, HR Manager, Peikko Group

Interaction is often a challenge in a growing organization. Deep Leadership® was chosen as a management model for rapidly growing Peikko Group. Minna Lähteenmäki, who joined the organization in 2006, serves as HR manager and internal coach.

“In order to move forward with coaching lessons and development plans at least one internal coach must be within the organization. Preferably more,” says Minna from experience, from whom many also seek help and support in implementing lessons.

In the spring of 2006 Peikko began Deep Leadership® training for top and middle management. About twenty people participated in the four-stage program. Another group began in October 2007.

“The training process continues here at Peikko so that once a year, in the autumn we complete a new Deep Leadership® profile. Each reviews their profile with all their respondents. In addition, we do a work community profile at a different time, in which every Peikko employee can contribute input. These results are also reviewed at each office.”

Minna has studied all this in her Master’s thesis, which will soon be completed. The perspective is a learning organization: How does Deep Leadership® support individual learning? Information sources have been work community profiles, individual profiles and interviews. How have people commited to coaching, what are their expectations and what are the pros and cons of coaching.

A clear observation is that advance information, “marketing”, must be given particular attention in an organization. A participant or respondent can “lock up” when they don’t know what it is all about. “Participants did not have very high expectations, when they did not know what it was all about. Expectations generally became more positive as the process advanced.”

“And more discussions and meetings with different groups would be needed. Mutual team meetings have been arranged also. We always go through the basics of Deep Leadership® and then discuss our own team’s issues together.”

Minna Lähteenmäki sees individual commitment to learning and continuous motivation for improvement as challenges. “My own role is to ensure and keep the issue current in different ways. And maintaining trust in the whole organization is an important issue. In the future it even goes ahead of money”, muses Minna Lähteenmäki.


Peikko Group

The Finnish company from Lahti is a specialist of fastening technology for concrete construction in Europe.

Peikko product’s range extends from concrete and steel frame join machine and equipment foundations. The Deltabeam is a composite beam used in connecting hollow beams with concrete, composite and filigran slabs, or in-situ concrete slabs to create a solid load-bearing structure.

Peikko Group has nearly 800 employees; almost 500 of them in Finland (Peikko Finland Ltd).

The company has almost 20 European subsidiaries and the number is on the rise.

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