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In all our Deep Leadership® coaching sessions, we develop the individual's interpersonal skills and learning abilities. Depending on your needs, we can coach individual employees, teams, units or the entire staff of your organisation. The most effective results have been achieved when the whole organisation has been involved in the change process.

Individual development

Deep Leadership® coaching gives individuals a sustainable and self-directed foundation for growing as leaders and people.

Leadership and interpersonal skills

At the individual level, the role of interpersonal and interpersonal skills is highlighted as a competitive factor. It is essential to learn to understand that one's own behaviour is an influence on the other party. Once understood, it is easier to apply the lessons learned in different contexts and situations, both at work and outside work.

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Team development

In Deep Leadership® group coaching, group members learn to create the conditions for an open culture and goal-oriented interaction.

The concept is clear and makes it easy to get people involved.

-Annastiina Suutarinen, Inner coach/Sosteri

Organizational development

The Deep Leadership® training gives your organisation the skills to change the prevailing corporate culture and develop strategic competence. Deep Lead Ltd has been involved in developing the leadership, operational and learning culture of dozens of companies and work communities of all sizes. Because interpersonal and workplace skills are a matter for everyone working in a company, our coaching often extends to the entire staff of the organisation.


Rewarding is one of the best motivational tools to promote productive interaction in work communities. Rewards must be based on clear indicators. It is also important that the individual feels successful.


Restructuring is part of modern business. From an employee's perspective, change is often seen as scary and threatening. That is why change management requires excellent interpersonal skills on the part of the company's management. Successful change processes are backed by people who are good at goal-oriented interaction.

Task changes

Changes in the organisation and job roles can create uncertainty among employees if the reasons for the changes and the new strategy are not communicated properly. Targeted communication skills are therefore essential when management is driving change through the organisation. 

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