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We warmly welcome you to our leadership seminar, where you will have an opportunity to hear about current trends in the field of leadership. The event was originally meant to be organised in Riga, Latvia. However, in order to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, a state of emergency in Latvia has been declared for a time period for three months. Therefore this event will be organised online.

The online event will start at 13.00 with the opening words by the Finnish Ambassador to Latvia. Afterwards we will hear interesting presentations from Professor Huhtinen and Adjunct Professor Nissinen. We will finish the event by 15.00. You can register to the event by sending an email to info@deeplead.com.

Seminar program

Opening words from the Finnish Ambassador to Latvia

Professor Aki Huhtinen: Strategic Leadership Today and Tomorrow

Adjunct professor Vesa Nissinen:

The Deep Leadership - the Effective Leadership Culture Enabler

Q & A and open discussion with networking

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