Proven to Be Most Effective

Deep Lead® Is a Productive Worthwhile Investment

Productive Worthwhile Investment

Deep Lead Inc is a proven effective coaching partner.

According to the brand and effectiveness survey (2013) by Finnish market research company Taloustutkimus Deep Lead Inc was perceived as the most effective service provider in the field of professional coaching and training. Compared to our competitors we received the best assessments in the following categories:

  • Products and services give clients their money’s worth
  • Is a worthwhile investment for a firm
  • Competent and skilled personnel
  • Training/coaching is proven most effective

In the survey, our Net Promoter Score (NPS) was excellent among our own clients (+42) and all the respondents (+35). The average NPS of the Taloustutkimus data bank is +12.

The survey respondents estimated that the training of Deep Lead Inc benefited their business directly. Deep Lead Inc was perceived as professional and responsible. Most respondents were willing to recommend our services.

In addition, Deep Lead Inc has studied coaching effectiveness for several years and has published several articles from various work communities in international journals. Through these studies we have been able to prove that our coaching is a productive worthwhile investment and not an expense of which effects quickly disappear upon completion. The study results show that firms which have undergone the Deep Leadership® training have improved their productivity, operational efficiency and company image. Also, employee attitude and behavior have changed.

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