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Deep Lead® coaching program is based on more than 25 years of scientific research and some 20 years of active, practical development work in cooperation with our customers.

Based on the Deep Lead® framework, our coaching gives individuals a lasting and self-directed foundation to develop and grow as a person and leader. For the work community, it provides effective tools to bring about a change in the prevailing culture and create a leadership development strategy.

The starting point is our customer promise: the best possible impact – in other words, achieving real and lasting changes.

Deep Lead Inc’s active board of directors (Vesa Nissinen, Kari Neilimo, Taneli Tikka and Olli Vähänen) and an expert group comprising dozens of professional coaches are ready to help you and your work community achieve the desired goals and implement the necessary changes.


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Everyone deserves to get feedback!

We think everyone deserves feedback. It is easier to grow and develop when you get feedback on your own actions and behaviour. Genuine and lasting change requires a willingness to learn and grow.

You can request your personal 360° feedback profile below to receive valuable feedback from different groups of respondents. We use the Deep Leadership® framework to guide you in discovering and realising your personal potential. It helps you to change attitudes and develop goal-oriented interaction at individual, group and workplace level.

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