Deep Leadership® Coaching Programs

The Deep Leadership® coaching sessions teach goal-oriented interaction targeted at different professional groups. Deep Lead® trainings are suitable for managers, management teams, specialists, salespeople, customer service representatives and those who need to interact with other people to get results. Deep Teach® trainings are for teachers and other educational staff and Deep Coach® trainings are for sports coaches.

Deep Health® trainings are suitable for organisations and individuals interested in developing health and well-being at work.

Deep Lead® is a proven effective coaching method that aims at developing goal-oriented interaction skills and work culture. The objective of the coaching process is to assist individuals to develop themselves in the critical evaluation of their own behavior and improve their own interaction skills. We believe that individual learning precedes the development of the team, group, unit, and organization. A 360° profile assessment tool is used in the creation of a development plan for the coachee. 

Deep Health®-coaching concept is implemented by a doctor-led team and coaching itself addresses health behavior using the main principles of the Deep Leadership® model. The objective of Deep Health® training is to strengthen behaviors contributing to holistic wellbeing, while taking into account participants personal attributes. The entire coaching is customized according to your needs and different phases implemented by various health professionals.

The teaching profession, if anything, is interaction at it’s best. The Deep Leadership® model helps you clearly understand the use of goal-oriented interaction skills in instruction and its utilization in learning. Because teaching and coaching ways are strongly connected to the participants daily life and practices, Deep Teach® provides an excellent opportunity for development as an individual and improvement of systematic operations through analysis and feedback.

Deep Coach® coaching concept is specifically directed at sports coaches. Coaching utilizes the main principles of Deep leadership® while taking into account the sports coachs special attributes. The goal of Deep Coach® coaching is that, through his yet uncovered potential, the coach is able to help the athlete to find his internal coach. The training is completed in cooperation with the Pajulahti training center.

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