Theme lectures

The lecturers of the thematic lectures will be Deep Lead coaches, each in their own area of expertise. We can also tailor the lecture to meet your specific needs and those of your organisation. Examples of some of our most popular thematic lectures to date:

The effectiveness of coaching: from a cost to an investment
What are the concrete and measurable benefits of coaching?

Who should participate?

What is the timetable?

How will the results be reported?

How will the workplace's own indicators be used?

How will effectiveness be measured?

Why is coaching an investment and not an expense?

Chaos in decision-making and management teams

Decision-making and management methods in start-up companies and their use in different environments

Decision-making in chaos - a business model and mechanisms for effective decision-making

Effective management teams in an uncertain environment

Intuition and facts to support decision-making

Methods for gathering information to support management decision-making: best practices from start-up companies

Me in change

The process of change from an individual perspective

Resistance to change and its different levels

Dealing with resistance to change

Unlearning the old and moving towards the new

My attitude to change and the repercussions for the work community

Leading change

The two basic tasks of leadership

Change requires leadership

A step-by-step model of change work

Resistance to change and how to deal with it

Acting as a change leader

How to succeed in change

The 7 deadly sins of customer service

The role and importance of customer service as part of business success

Principles of customer-centred working

The most common customer service mistakes

Tips and best practices for excellent customer service

Creative problem-solving methods (5-step method)

Creative problem solving: background, principles and benefits

Building an open and creative atmosphere

The applicability of creative problem-solving methods

The five-step method and how to use it

The importance & impact of attitude on your own and your work community's performance

What is attitude and what factors influence it?

The impact of attitude on the importance of overall communication

The role of attitude in customer service

The impact of my attitude on my colleagues and the workplace

Are customers difficult or am I difficult? Attitude, willingness and ability
The concept of customer: what we mean by customer

Ability + desire = professionalism

Qualities of an excellent customer service person

Developing self-esteem in customer service work

Challenging customer encounters and turning them into results

Health, Wellbeing, Resilience - from words to action

The multidimensionality of health

Holistic well-being

Health is a changing state

Assessing your own health and well-being

The role of health, behaviour and choices in our well-being

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